Aquatopia Water Park – Southeast Asia’s most modern water park

Located on Hon Thom Island in the south of Phu Quoc, Aquatopia Water Park – Southeast Asia’s largest water park with more than 20 modern games from the world’s leading manufacturers, 6 themed check-in zones for the first time appearing on the mysterious deserted and wild aboriginal island, Aquatopia – The forgotten aboriginal island promises to be the most attractive destination at the end of 2019.

Aquatopia Water Park ra mắt tháng 12/2019
Aquatopia Water Park is launched in December 2019 with a lot of new and interesting experiences for the first time in Vietnam

Games in Aquatopia Water Park

An inspiring combination of the pristine nature of Hon Thom island and the unique culture of aboriginal tribes, Aquatopia water park with 6 extremely attractive themed zones, of which 5 game zones contain exciting experiences for all ages, all family members.

Marine life zone – Colorful cartoon world for kids

The marine life will make babies excited and overwhelmed when admiring the eye-catching shapes inspired by animated films in the fanciful water world. Children can have fun in the cartoon space, meet lovely, friendly friends from the sea: Golden waves, Tropical Twister, Tiny Sea Snake… More amazing, when experiencing the games, children are not only satisfied to discover, excited to immerse themselves in the color slides but also to stimulate the dynamism inside, the courage to overcome challenges with friends and teammates.

Marine life zone - Colorful cartoon world for kids
Marine life zone – Colorful cartoon world for kids

The entire playground is provided by the world’s most prestigious manufacturers such as ProSlide Technology Inc and Whitewater West Industries Ltd – Canada and the professional rescue team has been certified by the Ellis & Associates International Lifeguarding Program – (World-class certified lifeguard certification for water parks) ensures the highest safety for children in all activities.

Parents can be assured that their children choose their favorite games, at each game, there are staff checking height, safety regulations and instructions for children carefully before participating in sliding. The children only need to follow the instructions to ensure maximum safety during fun activities.

Tropical Twister in Marine life zone

Suddenly and extremely excited about the “jungle monster” in Wildlife zone

The island of Aquatopia Water Park possesses extremely attractive exploration zones for adventurers who want to conquer exciting challenges. In the depths of the jungle, it is the habitat of Wild animals that challenges brave hearts. 6 games in this zone, promising to bring unforgettable emotions to the players, in particular, 2 thrilling games of up-to-5-star experience level: Python Plunge and Queen Cobra / King Cobra, will is the not-to-be-missed stop of this game zone.

Games in Wildlife zone
Games in Wildlife zone

Inspired by the stories of green forests filled with dangers of countless types of fierce wildlife. Immerse yourself in the game zone here, visitors will be living with the movement of wild animals and committed to conquering the challenges of python in the journey to become the owner of the jungle.

You will experience the feeling in a surreal journey of discovery: flying like a javelin on the back of a python in a spectacular escape (the feeling of extreme excitement when surfing on a slope with many unexpected bends), participating in the fierce fighting between two forest owners (two intersecting sliding pipes, winding around dramatic slopes) or “bravely” awakening Snake king with the truly courageous heart (passing the winding slip, the high slope, being tossed in the air)

The risk increases gradually with the Sea Monster Zone in front of you

From the jungle to the deep sea, where ancient mythological monsters reign. Here, the Sea Monster zone opens with 4 games, 4 challenges of 5-star thrills, exciting experiences, unprecedented excitement.

The monster zone is inspired by the deep ocean world full of mysterious and interesting things, many pitfalls that are hiding in front of the Aquatopia adventurers.

And here are interesting things waiting for you to discover: riding on the back of Sea Dragon to join the speed race with countless challenges in the ocean, you will encounter the wrath of Poseidon (wrap yourself in funnel like a tornado and fall freely on the water). Embark on this challenging journey, keep the steel spirit, cling firmly to overcome traps and lurking dangers.

Sea Monster Zone in Sun World
Sea Monster Zone in Sun World

Feeling the power of the tropical heat wave when you get lost in a wild aboriginal zone

The aboriginal zone is designed with 2 games that feel moderate, not too risky. Inspired by Paradise Bay – a mysterious yet conquered sea, waiting for adventurers to explore.

Here, you will feel very strongly the fierce power of the tropical waves or fly on the surfboard on the water to make all the stress of the sea monster zone completely disappear. And if you are a fan of windsurfing, certainly “Flow Rider” – Top 3 games first appeared in Vietnam is an experience not to be missed in this aboriginal zone.

Pirate Bay – Oasis of absolute relaxation, interesting surprises

The pirate zone (Lost Lagoon) is a valuable stopping zone that adventurers can rest and relax absolutely in the journey to explore Aquatopia. Designed with 2 fascinating and unique games with the pristine nature of Hon Thom, the pirate bay promises to be an ideal 1-0-2 playing space for all family members.

Lost Lagoon in Sun World
Lost Lagoon in Sun World

Inspired by the mysterious wildlife of the jungle and the intelligent monkeys, the strange life in the Pirate Village with treasure chests piled up in the shipwreck, the abandoned house is like an observatory or dried sharks hang on the shelf… The pirate zone will make anyone coming to Aquatopia Water Park excited.

Enjoyi the power of the water waves from the jungle, fun slides, playful jokes in Monkey Beach and do not forget to drop yourself slowly on the Lost Lagoon, relax, watch and enjoy the beauty of “forgotten island”!

Eating and drinking at Aquatopia Water Park

What to eat at Aquatopia water park?

A complete holiday should include dining venues with affordable prices. In addition to the tourist attractions in Hon Thom, there are also five brand new places to eat just within Aquatopia Water Park.

Sun Buns restaurant

The must-stop destination for fast food lovers. Sun Buns has a varied menu with many choices for customers from chips, fried chicken, desserts to special “Giant Thom” burger. The prices here are quite reasonable, from VND 55,000 – 230,000 for food and VND 20,000 – 65,000 for drinks and desserts.

Sun Buns restaurant
Sun Buns restaurant
Menu nhà hàng Sun Buns
Sun Buns’s Menu

Golden Beans Bakery

Golden Beans Bakery is located right in Aquatopia with a variety of cakes and delicious drinks, eye-catching decorations. With a relatively “soft” price from VND 20,000 to 65,000, Golden Beans will be the first choice for you when you want to have breakfast or snack after experiencing thrilling games in Aquatopia.

Golden Beans Bakery
Golden Beans Bakery

Sunny Bros restaurant

If you want to enjoy the sweet, cool taste of colorful ice cream, drink a cup of Milkshake or sip traditional coffee flavor, you must definitely visit Sunny Bros. The prices here range from VND 20,000 to 65,000 – a fairly affordable price for attractive refreshments.

Sunny Bros restaurant
Sunny Bros restaurant
Menu nhà hàng Sunny Bros
Sunny Bros’s Menu

Slice of Paradise Restaurant

If Sun Buns is famous for huge “burgers”, then Slice of Paradise is the paradise of pizza lovers. The restaurant also has many choices of pizza toppings at the price of VND 199,000/pizza, the price is quite reasonable for the whole family or group of friends who want to choose this as a dining place. In addition, the restaurant also serves hot dogs, or side dishes and desserts with prices ranging from VND 20,000 to 230,000.

Slice of Paradise Restaurant
Slice of Paradise Restaurant
Slice of Paradise Restaurant Menu
Slice of Paradise Restaurant Menu

Jungle Juice restaurant

True to its name, here you can enjoy the freshest glasses of juice and ice blended fruits. Using tropical fruits with a unique way of mixing flavors, drinks at Jungle Juice will be an ideal choice with prices ranging from VND 40,000 to 65,000 for a single drink.

Jungle Juice restaurant
Jungle Juice restaurant
Menu Jungle Juice
Menu Jungle Juice

What to drink in Hon Thom?

If you are on Hon Thom island and want to find a truly poetic space to chat with relatives and friends, relax, and immerse yourself in the mysterious unspoiled nature of Hon Thom sky and sea, 3 suggestions below will definitely be destinations not to be missed.

Anba Coffee

AnBa coffee will definitely be the perfect choice for travelers who love the peace, simplicity and roughness. Located right at Hon Thomarrival station, AnBa coffee has a diverse, fresh and delicious menu of drinks such as cacao banana smoothie, orange peach tea, black tea… charming cups of coffee in a romantic garden close to nature.

An Ba Coffee có khung cảnh rất nên thơ
Anba coffee is open from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm welcoming visitors

Have you ever felt that the air is also very sweet and peaceful? If not, then you should once visit Anba coffee, enjoy a space of “Hon Thom miniature” next to delicious drinks, a few simple stories with your beloved ones, you will surely “fall in love” with place from the very first moment.

San Ga Cafe

If you want to know the mysterious sky and sea of ​​Nam Phu Quoc at night, San Ga Cafe is the ideal dating place to fully see that beauty. Located in the cable car departure station of Hon Thom, An Thoi, San Ga Cafe has a wide open space, a unique Mediterranean architectural style around the immense sea.

Sân ga cafe về đêm đẹp lung linh giữa biển trời Nam Phú Quốc  
San Ga Cafe is sparkling at night in the middle of southern Phu Quoc sky

This cafe is open daily from 17:00 to 22:00, after the end of the exciting trip at Hon Thom, you will have a sip of genuine coffee, sweet delicious cakes, immersed in the wild, mysterious nature nightlife of Pearl Island – you will feel small and more attractive than ever. The price of drinks at San Ga Cafe varies from VND 30,000 to VND 40,000 per drink.

Panorama Cafe

Panorama cafe is an ideal destination, suitable for relaxing before spending a whole day of fun, exploring Hon Thom, Phu Quoc. Located right at cable car departure station in Hon Thom, Phu Quoc, here you can take pleasure in the panoramic view of Phu Quoc sky in a sunny morning or enjoy the brilliant, romantic sunset in the late afternoon.

Panorama cafe Hòn Thơm tuyệt đẹp trong cảnh hoàng hôn (Nguồn: Sun World)
Panorama cafe at Sun World Hon Thom

Panorama cafe is open from 8:00 – 21:00 with a diverse menu from snacks: chicken pho, salted egg dumplings, skewers… to delicious coffee cups, sweet and fresh glass of fruit juice. Do not miss this interesting destination when waiting for the cable car to move to Hon Thom.

Buying Aquatopia water park tickets

Currently, Aquatopia Water Park only applies 1 single entrance ticket, accordingly, after buying tickets here, visitors can participate in all the games at the water park without any additional cost.

Aquatopia's Ticket
Aquatopia’s Ticket

Using tickets at Aquatopia Water Park

    Guests will be given a special band upon admission to Aquatopia. You can add money onto your band, allowing you to make cashless purchases in the Park for food, drinks and shopping.

    Aquatopia band that can be used to buy items inside the Park without having to carry your wallet
    Aquatopia band that can be used to buy items inside the Park without having to carry your wallet

    Notes when buying tickets at Aquatopia Water Park

    • Remember to bring cash to pay at the ticket counter. (In the near time, Sun World will integrate other forms of payment like Credit card or QR code)
    • At fun spots in the water park, Sun World applies to payment via Bracelet and cash. For other forms of payment, Sun World would support it in the near time.
    • Any amount left of your band at the end of your visit will be refunded to you.

    In addition, from Southern Phu Quoc Island, in order to travel to Hon Thom to visit Aquatopia Water Park, you will have a 15-minute journey by Hon Thom cable car – the world’s longest 3-wire cable car with 7,899.9m length.

    Bảng giá vé combo du lịch Hòn Thơm
    Buying Aquatopia water park tickets

    From Phu Quoc Island, you need to move to An Thoi station, about 25km from Duong Dong town, to buy a cable car ticket at the ticket counter at An Thoi station.

    The operating time of the cable car is from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 13:30 – 19:00 pm

    • Ticket price applies for Kien Giang residents: VND 100,000 (adults and children over 1.3m high), VND 70,000 (for children under 1.3m), children under 1m are free (Bring identity card for verification)
    • Ticket price for outsiders: VND 150,000 (adults and children over 1.3m high), children from 1.3m and under: VND 100,000, children under 1m are completely free

    Note: Cable car tickets are 2-way tickets, visitors will not have to present the return ticket, but in case you need to check the information, you should keep the ticket stubs to ensure your benefits.

    Note when going to Aquatopia Water Park at Sun World

    • The entire game at Aquatopia water park is designed and provided by the most famous manufacturers in the world such as ProSlide Technology Inc (Canada) and Whitewater West Industries Ltd (Canada), thus completely guaranteeing the criteria of experience and safety. However, children with a minimum height of 1m to 1m3 should play under the supervision of accompanying parents.
    • Visitors coming to have fun and experience at the water park should have a ready swimwear so as not to miss the fascinating games here. In case you forget to bring, the park still has a swimwear service zone so that all visitors can enjoy the most complete vacation.
    • Aquatopia Water Park campus has a large area, so visitors should bring flat shoes or a comfortable pair of slippers to participate in water park games.
    • Do not forget to bring your phone, camera to check in anytime anywhere in Aquatopia with countless unique check-in points.
    • Aquatopia Water Park shall not allow to bring food from outside, but you do not have to worry because there is an attractive food paradise in Hon Thom waiting for you to enjoy it.
    • Opening hours of Aquatopia Water Park: 10h00 – 17h00

    With an investment of trillions of dong, Aquatopia Water Park – Southeast Asia’s largest water park is expected to be the best destination by the end of 2019. If you are interested in exploring and if you love aboriginal style, be prepared to conquer new surprises at this Aquatopia water park in December!

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